Creative Team

Lauren Shippen - Creator, Writer, Executive Producer, Director

Lauren Shippen is the mind behind The Bright Sessions, which she was the sole writer and director for from 2015 to 2018. The audio drama has won numerous awards, been featured in major publications, and spun-off into several upcoming podcast series and three YA novels for Tor Teen (the first being released in September 2019). Beyond The Bright Sessions, Lauren co-produced the joint Panoply-BBC podcast, Passenger List, slated for release in 2019. She was named one of Forbes 30 Under 30 in Media for 2018 and one of Moviemaker/Austin Film Festival’s 25 Screenwriters to Watch. Wanting to expand her creative universe — and inspired by her friendships with and the creativity of Jordan and Briggon — Lauren co-founded Atypical Artists to foster innovative and compelling storytelling.

Jordan Cope - Producer

Jordan Cope is a Los Angeles-based podcast producer, editor and host. Originally hailing from England, Jordan made the move to San Francisco in 2015 for a Production and Talent Partnerships role at membership platform Patreon. In 2019, having established a presence for himself within the podcasting space, Jordan co-founded Atypical Artists alongside partners Lauren Shippen and Briggon Snow, where he now serves as Director of Production.

Briggon Snow - Producer

Briggon Snow started out in podcasts as the voice of Caleb on the science-fiction audio drama, The Bright Sessions. With a recurring role on Nickelodeon’s Game Shakers, guest spots on CBS’ Seal Team, Showtime’s Masters of Sex, and podcasts such as Arcs, The Big Loop, EOS 10, Super Ordinary and My Neighbors Are Dead - Briggon is an actor with a wide-ranging and growing body of work on screen and behind the mic. In addition to his creative pursuits, Briggon’s background in digital coordination, producing, marketing, branding and partnerships from his work at dick clark productions (BBMAs, AMAs, NYRE and The Streamy Awards) makes his transition to head up the digital department as a co-founder of Atypical Artists a thrilling and fortuitous melding of interests and expertise. In addition to his work as an actor / writer / producer, Briggon is an advocate for, and a member of, the LGBTQ+ community – empowering a life-long mission to cultivate and promote equality, diversity and visibility in the art he creates.

Evan Cunningham - Composer, Producer

Evan Cunningham is an award-winning composer, songwriter, and producer in Los Angeles. As composer for The Bright Sessions, he wrote and produced the musical 50th episode. He also writes for a handful of pop artists, including Far Places. A music lover and playlist fanatic, Evan bonded with Lauren by trading mixtapes and singing a cappella at William & Mary, where they met. Still incredulous that this is his actual job, Evan is thankful to work with his friends and make music everyday.

Octavia Bray - Writer

Octavia Bray is a television writer and podcast addict who is currently staffed on Disney Channel's RAVEN'S HOME. She was in the 2017 NBC Writers on the Verge program and the 2018 Disney | ABC Writing Program. She speaks less and less Mandarin by the day but, at time of this writing, can still speak it. She's very single. Tell your (Christian and woke) friends.

Caitlin Schneiderhan - Writer

Caitlin Schneiderhan is a lifelong company town-er, having traded the Hugo Boss-clad legions of Washington, DC for the Ray Bans fanatics of Los Angeles.  In 2017, she took home the very heavy first-place trophy for the Austin Film Festival AMC One Hour Pilot Award, which was exciting but difficult to carry.  Caitlin's words can be heard on THE BRIGHT SESSIONS and THE AM ARCHIVES, and she currently works on Netflix's STRANGER THINGS.  She has personally given up on learning three separate instruments, and she loves your dog. 

Meghan Fitzmartin - Writer, Bonus Episodes

Meghan Fitzmartin is an award winning writer, currently working on season two of her superhero audio drama, RED RHINO. She has worked on the series 'Supernatural' for the last three seasons — writing her first episode in season 14, 'Peace of Mind'. In addition to writing TV and podcasting, Meghan writes for animation — most recently DC Super Hero Girls.

Mischa Stanton - Sound Designer

Mischa Stanton is a real-life audio sorcerer. Since going pro in 2016 they’ve produced, directed, and/or sound-designed for over a dozen immersive storytelling podcasts, including LeVar Burton Reads, Our Fair City, Secrets Crimes & Audiotape, Unwell, Wolf 359, and many products of The Whisperforge, of which they are a founding member. They have also been responsible for the award-winning soundscapes of the Atypical universe since the second season of The Bright Sessions. Designing for The AM Archives has been the assignment of a lifetime, and Mischa feels incredibly fortunate to to be able live their dream on this show every day.

Anna Rodriguez - Sound Designer, Bonus Episodes 1 & 2

Anna Rodriguez is a sound designer based out of Los Angeles. She discovered audio drama podcasts around 2006 and there was no turning back on the medium. Relying on her previous experience as a musician, she had a solid base to start playing with soundscapes as she got into editing sound. At the time she went to college, there was no such thing as a podcasting degree so she settled for the next best thing: Radio-Television-Film Production. She spent her school years working on short films before making her way back to podcasting. She still can’t believe her luck in working with some of the most talented creators in the world of audio fiction.


Brandon Grugle is an audio producer, composer, and sound designer. He is the Head of Production at Multitude, and has previously held roles at Marvel and SiriusXM. He co-hosts Join the Party, on which he voices the robot detective TR8c. Visit his website for more information and follow him on twitter.